Monday, June 8, 2009

Another surprise from our Gov

We normally dont go to gov clinic when we fall sick or for normal pregnancy checkup. But today i decided to pay a visit to the klinik kesihatan Sg Dua as it seems to be a big clinic.
As we just about to enter the clinic door, we was welcome by the nurse sitting outside taking the body temperature of the visitors. I was surprised that she asked me if I went checkup with other clinic earlier cause she say she never see me before. This make me feel that they are very friendly and familiar with their frequent users. Very good first impression i have on them. :-)

Initially the nurse was a bit reluctant to register me because i use to go checkup in private hospital but i try to persuade her by mentioning many benefit i can get from checking in gov clinic. Finally she is ok to register me but ask me not to go back to checkup in private hospital anymore.

So, why i like the service so much? The nurse started by asking me my health background follow by measuring my height, weight, blood pressure then urine, hemoglobin level and blood test (to find out the blood group and check for HIV which my doctor in private hospital dint check for that:-( ) Then the nurse check my baby's heartbeat, measure her length, see if my foot was swollen and somemore check for any breast abnormalies. After that, she advise me what to eat for a balance diet and finally ask me to go for ATT vaccination. According to her, once we notice the movement of the baby, we can take this vaccination already and for the first baby, usually they will give 2 doses and for the subsequent baby, only one shot is needed.

After all this, i went to see the doctor where the ultrasound scan is done and the doctor measure the length and weight of my baby (again, this is something my doctor didn't do for me :( )
Since my mother have diabetes and my weight gain is too much at this stage, the doctor recommend me to come back 2 days later to do a blood sugar test and she will review the result with me 2 weeks after that plus i have to come back to check my blood pressure every 2 weeks to make sure it is in normal details isn't it? And i get all this FREE :)

Last time, people use to told me that doing checkup in gov hospital has its disadvantages. To name a few here, they don't have the ultrasound scanner, there is no doctor attended to you....but i guess it is no longer true or maybe some clinic have it and some don't?

Overall i think staying in Malay residential area got its advantage and this is one of them (having better equipped clinic). The other is - you can simply park your car at he roadside while enjoying your meal at the restaurant beside the main road without the fear of getting saman :)

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mk said...

Hope they will continue to improve :D