Monday, June 1, 2009

Crucial Conversation

Last week i attended a 2-days course called "Crucial Conversation" founded by Vital Smarts. I thought it was pretty good and i thus would like to share with all here.
It was a course whereby it talks about the needs for 2 individual to get into crucial conversation when the stake is high and how to spot them, how to start the CC, what is the method and so on.

There is one teaching in this course that shifted my mindset which is what i am going to elaborate here. It says something like this "there is no one in this world that can make you mad, it is the way how you interpret the message that did". Think about it, how true is it, isn't it?

We always say that this person, that person is so irritating...but then he still got people like him, he got his beloved wife, family, or friends also. Why don't they also think he is irritating?
IF we shifted our mindset a little bit and always interpret his message a little bit possitively, then you might find that he is not so annoying anyway :)
Well it is always easy to say then do but i think if we can try to practice it frequnetly, we might not get emotianol or get upset by other easily which really dont worth it!

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