Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My stomach is getting bigger

It is my 15th week now and i can feel my stomach is getting bigger. When i was driving i can feel the discomfort especially when i stuck in jam and it takes hours to reach home. However i havent feel my baby's movement yet, so i can share how does it feel :)
This few week, dunno why i cant really sleep well. I sleep pretty late night only and sometimes wakes up very early in the morning. But surprisingly i wasnt that tired during work hour, luckily. It is so hard to predict what changes is going to happen to my body next, hehe...the little thing start to control me even he/she is still in my stomach, what's more when he/she come to this world :)

Baby baby, 要乖乖哦!!!


mk said...

hehehe so did you start the 胎教already? i remembered u did :)

Anonymous said...

Good progress!Do enjoy evry moment .