Sunday, March 29, 2009

Did you turn off the light?

I was turning off my house light yesterday starting 8am, haha...but sad to say i dont see many of my neighbour are doing the same thing. Does that mean they dont care? Or they dont know?
But i was happy that my mom is also supporting this program, even though she may not know what or why we do this but at least she wanted to help the world by contributing what she can do. Proud of you mom!
A lots of people may show dont care attitude or they think that how much they can help by just turning off the light for one hour? This is wrong, this is not about 1 hour lights off only, it is an awareness, it is an attitude towards that we care about our earth. We care, that is why we support the program and will continue to contribute by saving the energy in our daily life. For those that dont care, they are really selfish and should be shamed of themselves.

Prayed for a better world to live in!!!

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fl said...

True! Many are selfish. They even cheat on the Power Meter and turn on thier air-cond 24 hours. That'll contribute a lot of heat. This is very annoying.