Monday, April 27, 2009

Lesson Learnt

Today is a bad day for me but i had learnt a lesson.
Very early this morning, i went to CIMB bank thinking to purcahse the ASW2020. When i reached the bank around 9am, it was already about 20 poeple line up outsidet the bank. When the door open at 9.15am sharp, there is as usual some push and rush into the bank. Being a civilized human, i just follow the line nicely but were so afraid that there will be someone pushing me from the back. I have to be extra careful since i am pregnant. Finally, i gotten my number, it was 2029, 28th poeple in front of me...shut...and the banker told us that 1 single process might need gosh, when will it reached my turn then? Knowing nothing i can do, i just find a place to sit and fill up the form. It become worst when i hear the bad news that the computer is offline, my goodness...what's now? JJ rush back from the office worry about me (as i am hungry and wanted to go toilet at that time :)) and he went to a few other bank and post office to look at the situation. All the bank and post office are full of poeple...I finally give up and took out the money from the bank. Thinking that maybe i will still have chance coming back to a small post office near my house there where not many poeple know off. Reaching the post office, i feel so happy to see that the que is not long and many of them is doing normal bill payments. So JJ waited there and i go to postostate my IC (didnt know that it was needed until we hear the uncle asking another guy about it.)....Finally, it reached our turn, submit the form, IC and the money, thought finally i manage to buy....BUT...somtimes thing really not under our control. The officer so shock and tell me that the Fund finished already, it was around, what a bad luck har...what to do, people are so rich that within a few hours it can be sold out :(

But the bumi quota of course still got lar.....that is so unfair, but this is the reality in Malaysia...nothing we can change or do about it! :(

Next time, i must go to the post office near to my house at 8.15am then :)


SY said...

If you directly go to post office early in the morn then will be better than bank coz bank process is much much slow than post office.

soonyim said...

i won't support any malaysia's bond! especially najib is our PM.

amber said...

Last time I went Maybank 4 wawasan their system also slow :( but at least we know many Chinese damn kaya...u one of them :)

ohchek said...

Don't worry!Still got chance cos government is short of fund. More will expect to come in the coming months.Good luck 2u.