Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Our first Puzzle

Out of the suddenly, i felt like i wanted to assmble the puzzle a few months back. So JJ were accompany me looking for a nice puzzle set in many book stores but unfortunately we were not able to find a suitable one. Finally we found one in Toys "R"Us, it was not the scenary picture that i planned to buy but it was a nice photo of a gal with the wings in a midst of flowers.

SO, we started to assemble the puzzle on last sat night until 1.30am without realizing that time could pass so fast. And this is the result after the first time assembly, which i thought is quite good though. We continue our effort of couse on sunday night and still, we were so focus until we
didnt realised that it was 12.30am already in the morning. :) Finally, today i have completed it and here is the photo of it, bravo!
This small little activity of assmble the puzzle make me feel that if we have a clear target or goal in life, we will never fear or feeling tired, instead we will be so focus and enthusiatic working toward that goal. What's more if you have your life partner who are with you moving toward the same goal, that is what make a person's life meaningful. :)


Madley said...

Very sweet picture! Let me analyze why you chose this picture!Obviously you like it because the color is your favourite color! And you prefer a baby girl than a boy! Hehehe....gao bor? :P

Gaik Ling said...

Haha...u are right, i like the color. But on the baby girl thing, i dint really pick, not much choice actually :)

Madley said...

Btw, I feel that the picture with the partially done puzzle is very beautiful...the colour and very artistic. Nice for wall paper compared to the full puzzle picture.