Thursday, March 5, 2009

Always say YES

A few days ago, i was chatting to an ex-colleague. He tought me what to do during this economy bad time. Always show that you are busy in front of your boss, always say YES, always propose new idea even though we know that we have no budget for most of the new projects. And when the good time come and you are not happy, just say bye bye to your boss. Haha...very interesting isnt it? However this is what people really are doing and i can see it among my colleague. What to do, some colleague has family, kids, wife who are not working and they need the job more than me or you :)
But the funny thing is, my colleague who gave me all this advise, he himself is not this type of person and he wont do all that stuff he mention himself....hahaha...funny isnt it?
Well, i just told him at the end of our conversation that, dont follow others, just be who you are or what you wanted to do, dont force yourself to do something that you will feel shame on in the future. Be happy and stay hardworking as usual.... :)

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