Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Lousiest after sales service

We bought 2 handphones from a shop in the pacific mal called Jit Sin. I was so regret after buying from him. This is cause by a few things that make me feel so bad about their service.
Firstly, the sale person is not knowlegeable enough on his product. He keep ensuring us that Nokia N81 phone has the navigation feature but ends up when we try it doesnt work. We came back to him and he try to ask his collegaue but was confirmed that it doesnt have that feature. We felt so cheated.
Secondly, he promise that he will save many games for me in my handphone but on that day when we purcahse the phone he dont have it on his PC. so he ask us to come back on the other days. We did came back to him after 1 week or so but he gave me another reason that he cant download it for me, what the hack...kena cheated for the second time.
Thirdly, my husband phone was having problem on its camera feature. He sent it for repair, and my godness, we waited for more than 1.5 month only we get back his phone. Within this period, we kept calling him and asking what is the status but he were not able to provide us an answer. Futhermore he always say wanted to call us back but he never did. :(

I was really really frustrate and through him a word before leaving its counter for the last time - "Your service is really the "BEST" I never experience%*&#$" in front of his customers :)

So friend, pls dont go to this Jit Sin handphone shop to buy anything at all, plz....

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