Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day celebration

How is your Valentine's Day celebration?
Me and JJ went to stay a night at Rasa Sayang at Ferringgi Beach. It is a free night he got from staying at shangri-la hotel during his business trip to China.
We meet many Inteller there as all of them also redeeming their free night :) like a Intel team building or gathering...
This is the second time we stay there but this time i didnt swim. Instead, i was enjoying the cold breeze and listening to the sound of wave while reading books...what a relaxing and enjoyable experience. Half way reading, i felt in sleep, hahaha...
At night, we have our dinner at Bella Italia. We are luck as we went earlier, so we received fast service and finished our dinner in about 1 hour's time. The rest of the customers were waiting very long time. The food is quite good but it was expensive since it is a special occasion.

Anyway, i did enjoy the day with my hubby, how about you?

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