Monday, February 9, 2009

Our New Car

Finally we have decided to buy the new car after thinking for so long. I like Suzuki SX4 hatchback a lot but the bonet is quite small and it is a bit bumpy when driving. Both are 1.6CC but SX4 sedan is more practical as it has huge bonet and the driving experience is more smooth. It is also quite tall, taller about 7-8 cm compare to City and Vios (i like tall car :)). And the most importantly , it got discount of 10K attractive and worth it with the spec that it offered. :)

However, there isnt much color choice, only black and silver. Black is nice but again for practical reason, we have bought silver one.
One good thing is that this car belongs to JJ, so next time i still can choose my own dream car. When that times come, i dont have to worry if it is practical for family or not liau, kekeke...:)

1 comment:

madley said... car!Congratulations! Another dream come true huh! :)
Remember to tell me the no. when u hv it ya ;)