Friday, February 6, 2009

Perak Political Crisis

I bet many people will write about political change at Perak in their blog. I am one of them. However what i am going to say might be a bit different :)

After i watched the news mention that "Albar" will use ISA against those who joined the illegal demonstration, a creative idea suddenly slip through my brain. To show our sadness or disagreement towards the issue, we can ask all the supporter to wear the same T-shirt on the same date and time. Of course the T-shirt design must be creative to tease the current political situation. Then that Albar got no reason to use his famous ISA liau lor :)
Haha...and that person who come out with the idea and selling the T-shirt will be rich :)

Sounds like a good business proposal isn't it? But too bad i dont have the guts to execute it :)
Wait and see if my idea will be "copied" by any businessman or not....hahaha....

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