Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Still about the pay cut..

The 5% pay reduction is only applied to admins and operators, not as what i thought and mention in my previous blog. Anyway, a little good new is that we can take 2 days off every month as the compensation for the pay reduction (equal to 10% pay reduction). Even though some of us might still need to work during the off day as the work load has been kept increasing
:( but at least we can work from home and not full day lor, better than nothing.
I was trying to be positive by thinking that this might me a good chance for me to do my own stuff, to think of what i want to do in future, or to learn some new things to improve myself...or to do some partime job that might increased my salary to more than this 10%reduction...hahaha....Have to learn to think positive mah, isn't it?

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mk said...

yea 开心一天,不开心也一天,倒不如开开心心的过 :)