Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Genting Trip

The Genting trip last week was quite tiring but fun even though initially we have some quarrel with the owner of the rental apartment. It was very "noise" with all my nieces and nephew in one house. The children was really having fun playing all the outdoor and indoor games. Me and JJ dint join in but rather we shop around and was planning to go to the casino. You hear me right, I say "planning" because what happen was the guard don't allow us to get in to the casino because i have the shopping plastic bag with me. Strange, isnt it? So i further questioning her why i cant go in with my plastic bag, and she responded that the management dont want the casino looks like a shopping mall with all the plastic bags sh@#$%*... JJ was not happy with that and ends up we dont want to go in anymore :(
Anyway, another thing I wanted to mention here is that my niece is making the handphone cover for me and JJ. She also knits the scarf for her ah gong, ah mah using her holiday times...what a good gal. Thanks ya Vivian!

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