Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Strange symptom

Recently i went to toilet very often, as often as once every 2 hours. I did went to see doctor but you know lar, those clinic doctor basically cant do much. He just check my urine sample and told me there is no bacteria infection. It's sometimes very irritating as i have to walk to toilet so often in a days a the office. Furthermore, i was worried if there this can signal any underlying health problem....
Well, thanks to internet, i did some research and found below article :

Seems like there are many reasons that could possibly lead to this frequent urination problem. The cause that make me worry the most is the diabetes as my mum is a diabetes patient and it can be inherited. :(

Anyway, lets think positively and i will go to have a quick check on my blood sugar level tomorrow :)

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mk said...

so how is the check result? Hope you are doing well :D