Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Too friendly sometime is disgusting

Just now I went to Petronas to fuel up my car. Normally there will be a person come to wipe your front screen and then they will just leave. But this time is a bit strange. That Malay guy keeps talking to me. Not only take, as he saw me can insert the credit card into the machine slot, he try to "help" by taking over my card. It suppose to be a good intention but not sure he is accidentally or purposely touched my breast lar....Geram niah... :(
Then, after that, he start to be "friendly" and asking me question like..kakak baru balik kerja ker?"..kakak sudah kahwin ker? kakak ada berapa anak? ... What the heck he ask this type of questions? If this is the way his manager ask him to be friendly to customers, i think his manager is definitely making a big mistake. If it is not, then i really don't know what is his intention, trying to be friendly? Oh, my goodness, i hate this type of friendliness and i do not hope it happen disgusting :(

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