Sunday, October 19, 2008

Home cooked Hokkien Mee..

Well, don't be surprised, the home-cooked Hokkien Mee wasn't cook by me of course, but was cooked by my sister-in-law. It was really delicious and we can add small prawn, "char siou", kangkong, eggs and crispy fried onion, whatever we like and how many we yummy! But tomorrow i got to go gym and work-out a little bit more, else the fat and cholesterol will stay in my body :(
It is sad that delicious food are always not so healthy, but we can't resist those good food isn't it? So, it leave us no choice but to exercise more and keep a balance diet, like for example, put more Kangkong and bean sprout while eating Hokkien Mee :)

That day a friend who was a foodtech and worked in a food processing company before told me that the Luncheon meat uses the lowest quality meat to process it and they add in a lot of coloring and flavoring to make it delicious....I like luncheon meat very much but of course i dont always eat it, now after hearing what she said, maybe i should totally ban it. Also she advise me to eat less fish ball because in the processing of fish ball, the supplier add a type of chemical that use to melt the fish bone so that it can mixed well with the fish meat...and of course again, those fish are bad quality fish that can't sell in the fresh markets.

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Amber said...

Whatever ball alsonot good to eat coz it will effect your memory.