Sunday, September 21, 2008

Public Health Talk at Island Hospital

Yesterday me and JJ attended a seminar at Island Hospital. The speaker was Dr. Mah and his colleague. It was about making babies, the challenges and the some of the assited conception technique.
The session was quite good but you can notice that there is a lot of publicity and advertisement about their I-care center...Hehe, nowadays hospital also need to do promotion and lead generation activities. (Lead generation activities is the program to pull new customer base who are interested about your products and services and finally close the deal...)
Ok, bad to the interesting part..Dr. Mah advise couple should try about 1 year before they seek for consultant. For ladies that older then 35 years old, they should seek consultant as earlier as half a year after trying. There is no special diet or way where once can boost their fertility but just a normal rules of thumb to avoid alcohol, smoking and caffeine. He mention that there is no research showing different technique of sexual intercourse(SI) can increase the success rate and the law of gravity does hold. Meaning, it is better for guys to be on top of ladies. :)
Also, do make sure that your BMI is around 20-25 range (BMI = weight(kg)/height(m)*height(m) to increase the chances of conceive. The other very imporatant factor is the stress. The chances to get conceive is lower if the couple is under stress, just have SI about 2-3 times per months and you dont have to be so stringent about the ovaring day. (this is what the doctor say but i think it is kind of low :))
After a year of trying and if it is not successful, the couple should go for checkup. According to Dr.Mah, 10-15% couple have the fertility problem. For guys, they will check for you sperm count, quality and mortility. As for women, they will scan for your fallopio tiub for blockage and ovari condition. After finding the root cause, they will then advise you on the right treatment. Some of it is like IVF( test tiub baby), IUI, ICSI and so on..Well, all this treatment are not cheap of course...for example IVF needs min of 13K and the success rate is only 30% to 40% :(
Anyway, dont worry, relax, be happy and enjoy tyring! :)

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