Monday, September 22, 2008

Everyone needs some space...

When a guy and a girl started their relationship, many things will change. Some of the couple might choose to stick together everyday but most of the couples i seen liked to have their own space and time with their friend and family. One party may think that in order to treat his partner well, he needs to devote all the times to her or vise versa. However some maynot think that way. When your partner mention to you that he or she would like to have his/her own time, pls let it be. It is normal that poeple need to have their own friends and activities sometimes even after they are attached. This doesn't mean that he/she dont care about you or didn't put you as top priority.
One might think that if I can spent all my time for my partner, why cant my partner? Well, you can always think that way but will you make the relationship happy then? So the best solution is - discuss between you 2 and make a win-win solution :)

Mind to share your thought?

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synobaby said...

totally agreed with you..

i hope we all together can understand and learn from it especially for those just newly start the relationship..