Saturday, September 13, 2008

It was an enjoyable dinner

Yesterday was my ex-technician's wedding dinner. Due to that, I managed to meet up with most of the old friend in my previous department. It was great to have chance meeting and talking to old friend.
The focus of the night, except the bride and bridegroom, is ....ten ten ten...madam Teaw Ling Ling!!!
It was the first time i saw her wearing skirt and doing her make up :) gorgeous! See her photo below.

After a nice dinner, we move to QE2 for further chatting and drinking. Coincidentally, it was Siew Wing's brithday and jessie gave him a surprised birthday cake...opps..she forogt to gave him a surprised kiss as well, hehe :)....what a lovely couple. Happy Birthday, SW, wish all your dream come true! ...and i know one of your biggest dream is coming true soon this Nov, congratulation!!!


Madley said...

GL, finally you made it..the first to post the pictures and news on your blog! Hehehe!...Very disciplined in updating your blog almost everyday...keep it up!! What a good time we had together!Too bad missing two mommies who couldn't join us to QEII! Next time,we shall ask the men to babysit the babies while the ladies go on all ladies party!

skypaul said...

OK, now i am a bit up to date with what is happening to our friends :).

So what is that wish of NOV fo SW ah? 8 kua a bit can ah?