Saturday, September 13, 2008

Attending another wedding dinner

Tonight i attend another wedding dinner. It's my cousin that getting married. We went all the way down to Kuala Kurau to attend her wedding dinner, it tooks us about more than 1 hour journey.
It has been quite some times since my last visit to their house. Thus, I can remember some of the familiar faces. The cute little boy (her brother) that came to my house last time has become a handsome man now, but the one thing that havent change is that he still as shy as last time :)
Some of my other cousin already has a few kids and some of them are in their age of 4 to 6 already...haha, i felt so old d :)
But it's okay, as long as i target to have my first baby before 35 years old, and i think i am on track :)

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