Tuesday, September 16, 2008

GL's Special Recipes

Today is not my gym's day, so i decided to cook for my hubby. It was my first time cooking the "mushroom chicken". I just got the rough idea on how i want it to be but i guess no harm trying. I prepared the chicken and mushroom by marinated it with pepper, light soy sauce and dark soy sauce. I also added some dried small prawn to mixed with the mushroom.
I started by putting in some small slices of gingers into the hot oils, cook until it turn to golden black color, then put in the marinated mushrooms and cook for a while. After that, put in the marinated chicken as well as pour in a cup of water. (don't ask me how much water to pour in, just use your instinct...come on, cooking is an art :))
Let it boiled for about 5 min then put in the cabbage. ( i dunno why i use cabbage but i just like it and also i want to make the dish more healthy)
After that u can just leave the whole thing for about 10 min in a low heat until you confirm that the chicken was fully cooked. The dish looks like below and it taste terrific....at least my hubby and I think so :)

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