Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What happen to Malaysia politic?

PM switch role with Deputy PM, like that also can ar??? Like main ma-masak meh!

I guess most of the Malaysian recently are very conscious about our politic progress, especially after the claims by Anwar about the 916.
No body know if what he claims about 31 defactors is true, but i think he is definitely a good marketeer :)
He know what's the customers(Malaysian's) want and thus he use that for his election campaign. He position himself as the future PM and then make a lot of publicity of himself, such as through the sodomy case which can botained the sympathy from the customers...Then he create a themes for his battle- The 916, and make every Malaysian either looking forward to it or anxious about it.

That's why i say he is a good Marketeer :)

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