Thursday, September 4, 2008

Feel great doing charity...

It all started when someone forwarding the email about an article from Newspaper saying that the food storage for Silver Jubilee Home for the Aged is running low especially rice as the economy down-turn and it impacts the donation from the public.
CS was suggesting to contibute rice to them and i support that idea plus i decided to raise a small fund to increase the amount of food that we can contribute.

Thanks to all my colleagues' kindness, I have successfully collected RM490 and we use it to bought 2 packs of rice, 12 tins of biscuit, 4 packs of milk powder, 20 packs of oats, 10 packs of red and green beans each. Another 8 packs of rice was contributed by CS.

-> Me and CS shopping for the food in Tesco

After buying the food, we then passed it to the
Jubilee home on the following day. TL joined us too. As we were there, we talked to the person in charge and found out that actually many Agilent people had been here to contribute the food, it was so kind of Agilent poeple :)
The receipt of our contribution is on the right.

We also found out that there are about 200 old folks staying there and most of them are single and without family members. There is also many voluntary doctors came regularly to help the old folks here. The management also has a medical program with general hospital to help those stroke patient doing their physiotherapy and it is FOC.

I'm glad that I had done a noble thing to the society today and I wish more and more poeple will also join me in doing more charity works.
To know more about Jubilee Home, pls visit their webstie at:

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