Friday, September 5, 2008

70th Birthday Party

Today we have our regular quaterly leadership meeting and a consultant came to conduct a workshop for us. One of the most interesting session i thought was the "70th birthday party"...It started by asking us to close our eye and relax ourselves. Then he started to ask us imagine it is our 70th birthday and we are having a party. "You look at yourself in the mirror, how you looks like?" You prepare yourself for the party, then the door open, your family, friends, ex-colleagues were here to celebrate your birthday. What you want your ex-colleague and friends to say about you? What you want your family to perceive you as? Who is not there at this happiest moment of you? Why do think they are not around??

What you want your frens, family to say about you in future, that is what you need to do now...For example, if you want others to think that you are a helpful and kind person, then you have to start helping others now. On the other hand, for those poeple that you think should be there at your party but didn't show up, think why they are not, is it because you have hurted their feeling before or is it beacuse they hate you?

We might have been too busy chasing our career, dreams, money and status until we have lost our value and identity. We might have forgotten what we want in life and probably neglected people that we love.

Once a while, we need to relax ourself and do some soul searching...come back to the basic and think about what you really want in your life. :)

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