Thursday, March 8, 2012

Can female get color blindness?

Recently I thought my daughter to differentiate and name some of the basic color using her Lego blocks. It has been quite a few months teaching, but she doesnt seems to be able to call out the right color still. It worried me a bit whether she has color blindness or not (I'm the typical worried mother type :)), so I was asking around other parents. To my surprise, one mother told me that doctor said woman wont get color blindness. However after i do some research online, this statement is not 100% true, just that the possibility to get color blindess in woman is very low.
From wikipedia:
The genes that produce photopigments are carried on the X chromosome; if some of these genes are missing or damaged, color blindness will be expressed in males with a higher probability than in females because males only have one X chromosome (in females, a good gene on only one of the two X chromosomes is enough to yield the needed photopigments).

Anyway, back to my daughter's case. I further my research online and some expert said that thought kids can differentiate/grouping the color at the age of 18 months, but may only name the color at age of 3 only. My daughter is just 2.5 years old, so i guess I need to be patient and give her sometime. :)

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