Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fun Intel Family Day

We had a wonderful Sat morning attending the Intel's family day at Baggenstos Farm, Sherwood. There was many events and activities available, such as pumpkin bowling, little Hay Maze, Corn Maze, free Hay ride and so on. But the most enjoyable played for my daughter that day was still the slides. :)
We were lucky that it was a sunny day. It has been raining for a week's time. We started with taking some photos around, then my daughter played at the hay house, the pumpkins bowl and the slides of course. Break for a BBQ lunch prepared by Intel and then continue with the hay ride to the field which filled with pumpkins for sales. We really have a great time especially my daughter enjoyed it so much. Intel is really a great place to work for and i thank them for organizing it :) oh, and btw, i was stung by a bee, luckily it was no big deal. Was worried that it might be poisoning but had confirmed with the stuff there it was not. The bees here are like the flies back in malaysia, they come to you whenever they saw food.
Spotted where am I?
Hay House

Oh, I'm lost in the Hay Maze...

My favorite play of the day!

Mummy in action - the pumpkin bowl!

Sittting in the free Hay ride

I feel like "ern ern"..No, just jokking :)

Mummy and me at the field filled with pumpkins
The bees pulling the meat from my left over

This is the Hay Ride Car


ChorEW said...

It seems so much fun at a farm that we never experience, just like back to village life.

Kelly Goh said...

yes ee weei, it was fun especially if we have kids. They just loved it!