Thursday, August 11, 2011

Getting settle down

After the scared and tiring flight, we finally reached the our house in Hillsboro. We dont really like it because it kind of looks old style and the lighting is terrible, all yellowish light, plus it is really empty. Dont even have a trash bin or the shower curtain, or the floor mats. Everthing has to be bought one by one. So the first 2 days were kind of crazy shopping for us, looking for all the basic stuff to setup our house, plus change the light to the white light :) Here are some of the photos of the house...but anyway, after changing to the white light and setting up all the necessary basic stuff, feeling like a home now, at least it's good for 6 months :-)


dining area

living room

master bedroom

master bedroom toilet

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Anonymous said...

typical US houses... yellow lighting instead of white... i could understand as we so used to bright white lighting back home. home layout is almost standard in US. you will like it eventually