Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Short vacations in KL

We spent 2 days one night in KL without the little one. It was awesome but at the same time we do missed her. Lots of good food and drink (my favorite Weißbier beer of course!). Also i get to know a shocking trends during the trip which seems to be a normal thing to some some of my friends and nephews. Guess I was really otudated. So what i found out was the special piercing style on the ear - called the stretched lobes piercing, which look like below. I felt that it was ugly, or maybe i just can't accept it.I wonder how painful it maybe to enlarge the ear lobes to such a huge whole where you thumb can actually go through it. And I start to think, what will happen to the trend after 15 more years when my daughter is a teenager? My goodness, will I have to learn these latest trend and accept it when my little girl come back with a "strange" piercing asking me if it is nice?

Nice Japanese buffet at Jogoya, Starhill Gallery
My favorite Weißbier beer
Some talented street performers

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