Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My first paycheck

After close to one year of unemployed, I was thrilled to get my first paycheck! It feels so awesome especially with the sign on bonus, feel like going out for a crazy shopping this weekend, hehehe..
Being able to give my parents more money is another great feeling that i used to have and now regain it back. There is always give and take in life. When we were busy working, eaning for life, we complain that we dont have much time to spent with families...and when we do have the luxury to spent times with family, we dont feel secure with little or no saving. I felt that i have made the right decision to take a one year off. This has made me really appreciate my life and time even more. I dont complaint about work like what i used to, i cherish those moment spent with friends and family even more, I learnt to see thing from many aspect and the most importantly - I feel ALIVE again!!!

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