Friday, June 24, 2011

Personal grooming session at Dell

I attended a personal grooming session held by WISE, (women in search of excellent) Dell Malaysia. It was interesting to find out that Dell has such an initiative to retain, help, built and growth ladies employees. So one of the many activities that they are currently or will be doing is this grooming session. During the session, the presenter tought us how to increase our face value, how to make yourself looks more professional, how to walk and stand so that it will looks professional and so on. I would like to share with you some interesting tips that i learnt from the workshop. I guess we all know that in the makeup, the most important part is our eyes. She suggested that for those single eyelid, small eye ladies, eyeliner is a must and it is more important than the mascara. Also, when we draw our eyebrow, the tail cannot be lower than the head of the eyebrow. And the higher the peak of the eyebrow is, the more power or authority shown in you. The right hair-do also make you looks either professional or not. She teaches us a few quick ways to make a sanggul. First, use a rubber band and tide a pony tail, then find a hole either on the top-center or bottom-center, then push the pony tail inside it and finally use a nice hair clip to clip on it. That's it - a nice and professional looks is done wihtin few minutes.

It's great to find out that in Dell, they are serious about building and growing ladies leaders :)

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