Monday, April 25, 2011

My girl is so smart

My daughter did something that surprised everyone again last friday. Everytime when my handphone rang, she will call mommy, mommy and pointed to the direction where I usually put my handphone. Last friday when my nephew's handphone rang, she shouted"brother, brother" and pointed to my nephew's handphone. Everyone was shocked by her capabilities to recognize the ringtone for each of us, which include, mine, my hubby's, her grandpa's and now her cousin's. Grandma and grandpa said, "how can such a small girl remember and recognised the ringtone for so many people, she is just too smart!" As her mother, I definitely feel proud  listened to those comments but i keep telling myself not to overly happy with it because being clever as a child doesn't guarantee a smart person in future! Also, IQ is not eveything. EQ play another significant role to a person's success in life.

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