Thursday, April 21, 2011

First hide and seek play

Ever since my daughter watched barney's show that feature hide and seek play, i had tried to play this same game with her. However she was not able to understand the game until this morning. I invited her to play hide and seek by asking her to close her eye and count to 10. She did cover her eye but didnt know how to count. Anyway, i quickly went to hide and wait for her. She turn up after a few second and was able to find me at the bedroom. Bravo, it was our first hide and seek play! The funiest thing is, everytime no matter where i hide, she will still go back to the same place, the bedroom where she first found me. But when she was not able to find me, she will slowly look for other places to search for me. After a few plays, I try to switch the role and asked her to hide while I cover up my eye. When i finished count to 10, she was still beside me, haha...I guess she still don't fully understand the rules of the games. Anyway, it was so fun playing this game with her, especially when it was the FIRST time. :)

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