Thursday, April 14, 2011

Expert in playing slide

Children love playground, including my daughter. It is a great way to burn some of their boundless energy. She likes the slide particulary. Yesterday she has a chance to play on the small, indoor slide. The climbing steps has no side rails so i thought she might have problem climbing up. So I help her by putting her on top of the slide instead of letting her climbing the steps. After a few times of plays, I though I should encourage her to try to climb the platform by herself. To my surprised, she was able to climb it on the first time and it looks so effortless (shown in the video below). I suddenly realised that my daughter has grown up so fast, that she can now handle many challenging tasks (well, at least it looks challenging to me :)). And as a parent, our job is not to overly protect them, instead we should encourage them to try and take up those challenges. She did falls once but I told her that's allright, and she quickly stand up and continue the climbing. I feel great having the chance to coach and guide my kid through plays. It's indeed a wonderful experience for me as I had learnt so much throughout these process too.

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littlespringvalley said...

Friend, you should let her do that more often la...they really can do many stuff which is out of our expectation and yet everyday can have diff style :) You saw Baby G video too ^0^