Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Best Mee Udang in Sg Dua

I stay in Sg Dua where it is famous for Mee Udang (Prawn noddles). There are many mee udang restaurants in Sg Dua and I had tried at least 4 of them. This one at Aur Gading is the best according to me, my husband and some others who i had introduced to. As a regular customer, i know the chef and the boss very well. I asked the chef before what are the secrets behind her delicious mee udang. She said that the keys were the special chilies they make themselves and also the fresh prawn head. They fried the fresh prawn head and then grind it to get the stock for the soups. Not only that, they also put a lot of potatoes in the soup and cook for long hours. No wonder it tasted so good!
Next time if you visit me, be my guest!
Contact : En Yusuf/ Pn Erni  0124043807/0174858731 ; Titi timbol Jln Pengkalan macang (Desa Murni)

my favorite mee udang

Another favorite of mine - Nasi Paprik

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