Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lazy cooking Recipe

I must admit that i am a lazy cook. I like something that is easy to prepare, easy to cook, take shortest time but taste good too! So i was thrilled when i get to know this recipe from my mother. Basically, you just need to mixed ëverything you like in the boiling water, wait until it is cooked then pour in some corn flour to make the soup a bit sticky and stir 2 eggs into it. Oh ya, btw, the roasted pork is needed to make the soup a bit sweet and salty. Without it, the taste will not be good at all. To make the dish more healthy, i choose to put in many vegetables like cabbage and lettuce; olyster mushroom and golden needle mushroom. Then i also put some pork meat balls, sausage and crabstick. The sequence to put in all the raw ingredient is => Rosted pork, pork meat balls =>cook for a while then put in sausages=> vege and mushroom=> crabstick => corn flour=>egg.
It taste much more better than its look! Trust me :-)

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