Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Do you like making important decision?

In life we may come across many scenario that needed us to make a tuff decision. Most of the time whether decision A or B you choose, you may not get 100% of what you one. I believe one may gain something and loss another thing no matter what decision we had made. I hate making important decision, but in real life, this are something we couldn't avoid, isn't it?
Recently there is an incident that needed my decision. It make me went through many sleepless night. I even use a silly method to help me making the decision - tossing a coin. :) But the funny thing is, I kind of feeling sad with  the result and this had enlighten me that I should have follow my heart. I feel sad of the decision A resulting from the toss, this mean I prefer decision B, right? So thanks to the coin tossing method, i had make up my mind what should I do :)

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