Thursday, January 7, 2010

Is a new start

Today, i receive a pat on my has been long i never receive such a compliment. Sometimes it is so easy to make a person's day by saying thank you or good job but still many are reluctant or stingy to say it out!

Remind yourself to praise people at the right time, it might create a happier community to live in....

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Madley said...

Yes, this is absolutely true! Perhaps it shouldn't be only appraisal that we should be generous in giving to others but also kind, generous, courteous and caring words when someone did something for us or when we cannot do something for others. For example, today my hubby gotta accompany his fren to buy something and I didn't want to join them..due to the incident I decribed in my blog...hihi. So I drove back myself and he followed his fren's car. It was just soothing and nice when he said,'Sorry baby I can't fetch u back ya, will miss driving back with you.'