Saturday, December 19, 2009

The secret

Many of my friends said that i am always lucky. I feel the same too. OR rather after i had read "The secret" book, i think it was the techniques that i applied paid off. In this book, it mention about the theory whereby we, human being can emitting out the frequency to the universal and it will reflect back to us. DOnt get it? let me explain by taking the recent case happened to me.

Before i left for maternity, i strongly feel that i should have change my job role to become people manager and i trust that this can be happen even though at that time there is no vacancy available. I keep thinking to went back as people manager, until one day, a senior manager called me up and offer me the poeple manager job since his manager is leaving soon. Now you know what i meant by transmitting the thought/frequency out to the universal and you will get what you want finally? :)

I have many examples of the successful cases/example where my strong needs/thought become reality...believe it or not? Up to YOU! :)


mk said...

类似的言论在The secrets of millionaire mind, NLP等都有提到。

Amber said...

SB always believed that and always keep reminding me in my daily life :)