Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Special families gathering

Yesterday was a memorable day. It was my 3rd aunty's smallest son wedding dinner and almost all relatives were attending. Her daughther from canada, her eldest son from singapore, her second son from HOng kong all came back to have this family reunion. SHe was so happy and after a bit of drink, start to dance on the floor...see how enjoy she was :)

My 2 sisters also came back from far, Sarawak and Muar to celebrate together this special event. Everyone is busy taking photo...See my dad in pick shirt and his twin brother on the right, arent they look identical? :)

And we just discover that my pretty nice was such a good singer and she had got the style a little super start :)

It was really a meaningful and fun reunion which will surely remembered by all of us forever :)

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不一样的天空 said...

So good can be with family :) I'm sure you enjoying gathering wf your sister now :)