Friday, September 11, 2009

Last working day...Yippie

Today is my last working day before i go for long long maternity leave. It is 2 months but i took my annual leave, so it should be around 2.5months in total. I am so exicted about long vacation and also the new family member coming soon.
However, just before i leave, i am facing some down site in my career..dont ask me what is that but it is very dissapointing, at the same time, i am happy about it. Cause it is a good learning for me and i believe i can recover from it and becaome better in future.

I will definetly fully utilised this period to rest, to take care of my baby and at the same time thinking of what i want to do next...a lot to do? Nope, i dont think so, i am full of energy now and i believe multitasking is my skill that i have been loosing it quite awhile back which i am going to find it back :)

Wish me luck for a smooth delivery and a better career ahead, fren! :)


mk said...
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mk said...

Remember to inform us after ur delivery, and well for us to visit u :D
Don't think about work first, kai shuen is more important now :D

不一样的天空 said...

Hope you can share wf me what's happening to you.
But, I also damn excited about your due date lie :)2.5 months so long and we really can get together for yamchar lio :)

Gaik Ling said...

HI MK, yes, you are right, she is my only focus now :)
Amber, wait till u come back, i will share with i wish we can talk over night...but cant liau, u are pregnant, so must sleep well :)