Sunday, July 26, 2009

My baby name coming out soon

It was so difficult to select a good name for my baby. The reason could be because i dont have special preference towards a specific name. But finally i have fix the middle name - Khai 凯 which mean the victory. So the next thing i just need to match the final word and make it sound nice in both mandarin and Malay. I have gave up on following those naming calcualtion rules recomemnd by those was so difficult...:(
Friends start to ask me if i feel nervous or not cause my due date is only 2 more months...Well, hehe...i dont really feel nervous but hope that this day will come fast cuase carrying her in my big stomach is really no easy :) start to feel back pain and cant walk or stand too long, plus cant sleep well at night, so i do hope that the day come faster...hehe :)

Btw pls give me ur opinion whcih of the following name sound better/nicer to you and why :)


mk said...

凯秋 - 中秋节嘛,可是不好听,好像hat chiu (sneeze) :P
凯芯 - 谁言寸草心,报得三春晖
凯殷 - 爸爸妈妈是在英特尔开始的哦。

fl said...

凯殷 - 爸爸妈妈是在英特尔开始的哦。
Haha, this one good!