Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Found new restaurant for good food :)

Today my colleague bring us to his favorite place for lunch. It is called Hot Bowl, at lorong abu siti. We ordered quite a number of foods and it all taste good, but the best is its "steam chicken"- "Pat zam gai". The chicken is so soft and taste good. The second most famous dish, i guess is the white Curry Mee. Really lemak and it has a good smell too. Putting in some chilis make it more spicy and less coconut milk taste.
Next is the steam Otak-otak. It melts in your mouth with a little spicy and curry leaf taste. It was really good :)
However the "tu kar chor" is not the best i had tried before. I think it has not enough ginger taste and the meat is not as soft. Maybe i will give it 3 stars. (5 stars is the full mark).
Also the "chai bui" is so so only, not the best that i had tried.
Anyway, overall i gave it 4.5stars and i will strongly recomend this restaurant to my friends :)

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