Friday, May 15, 2009

First H1N1 Flu in Malaysia

Today Malaysia Gov reported that we have the very first case of H1N1 flu case. This 21 years old boy just came back from US. As such, Gov has quarantine his family as well as asking those people who are in the same flight with him to contact Gov.
I really hope that it doesnt get spread out futher. Luckily it seems like this H1N1 flu is not as serious as the previous SARS virus. I guess the most important thing is to keep our body stay as fit as possible by maintaing a strong immune system. None of the medecine in this world is more powerful than our own healthy and strong immune system. They are our soldiers to fight agains bacteria and viruses. Healthy&balance diet, regular exercise and good emotional are the keys to strong immune system. For me, as much as i try to obtain a healthy and balance diet, sometime it is too hard to keep it up as we like to eat good food :) so the best alternative for me to get natural and balance diet is from e.excel products...IF you interested, do take a look on below website :

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