Saturday, December 6, 2008

Nail Art

I went to do my hair just now. Straighten, treament, colour and hi-light all in a time. It tooks me around 6 hours and RM400 but i think it worth the money :)

While waiting for my hairdo, there is someone offer her service for manicure and pedicure. Since it is so cheap, RM20 for both hand and feet, i just try it out. See the photo on the left for the result. It maynot be very clear but you can be assured that it is quite nice and it tooks her 1.5 hours to complete it as she need to put in the little pearl one by one. :)
Some of you might be yelling why "SO CHEAP"! Hahaha...maybe that is due to no rental needed for shop lot plus, here is Butterwoth mah, not like in Penang Island :)

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SY said...

I want to see your hair too..