Monday, December 8, 2008

Fun but tiring trip

We have plan for Ipoh trip quite some time ago and finally this day has came. We started our journey pretty earlier in the morning and reach ipoh around 9am for dim sum. As expected, the "Fu Shan" dim sum is full of people and we need to wait around 15min to get a table. I like their "chao lor bak gou" and the "cheong fun", other thing are just so so niah..
After a very full breakfast we walk to the Yee Hup to buy the famous biscuit, "Hiang peng", then headed to Kellies Castle at batu gajah. Even though the entry ticket is RM4 but i dont think they maintain this historical building well. But overall it

is a good visit and we tooks many photo. We have 2 Nikon SLR in our group ler, dont play play ar :)
After taking enough photo, we move to "Sam Poh Tong" and continue taking nice photo...hehe..
Again, the place is a bit run down and old. There is a tortoise pond at the end of the caves with a lot of tortoises and some of them are huge! See the photo on the left, they are eating papaya instead of the "Kang Kong". We spent quite some times taking its photo and watching them eating papaya until KS trigger us to leave :) haha, we all were fascinated by the tortoises..

After spending so much time visiting the tourism places, next stop of course is finding another good food. This time you decide to go back to Nibong tebal for the famous river prawn. We only have the restaurant phone number and were not sure where exactly it is located and what is its name. Anyway, thanks to Fai Fai, finally we have found the restaurant. Haha, it doesnt looks like a restaraunt at all but more like a store or minimarket from the outside. Luckily it was still open (i heard it closed as earlier as 5pm...) and we had finally tried its famous river prawn steam with garlic and ginger. However, i dont find it so special lor, it is just nice lar. I think it wont make me missed it. The dinner was not cheap though. 3 of us spend about RM110 with 1kg prawn, one red fish and 1 vege only. is always fantastic to go makan-makan at Ipoh.

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