Friday, December 12, 2008

Engineer Vs Money

Recently we keep comparing how successful and rich those penangites are and most of them are none engineers. Examples a colleague's sister are so rich that she own a condo in the view as well as a corner house in SP setia project in bayan lepas area. Another eg, a friend's wife dance teacher, having a few dance center and other business and his husband is a qualified accountant but never work before. All this people are of course, not engineers :)
SO we make a conclusion that if you are rich, you are most probably not an engineer or if you are an engineer, you are most probably not rich :( and we better dont ask our children to take up engineering discipline...hahaha :)


Casey said...

I told my tuition student years ago DO NOT further their study in engineering!

mk said...

hahaha in US less student take up scientist and engineer discipline. But a world without engineer could be tough I guess, no advancement in technology, no life quality improvement, till then maybe engineer can become rich with higher pay? If it does happen, how long do we need to wait till that age to come to become rich? ;)