Monday, November 17, 2008

What we should or shouln't eat

Recently me and my husband were actively searching for the right diet for us. My father in-law told us that for type O people, they needs meet...this has triggered my husband curiosity to find out more and it lead him to the website below :

I am type A and my husband is type O. Type A person needs more vegetables, seafood and less red meat. Unlike type O people, they need more protein such as red meat but try to avoid grains, beans and nut.
I am a steak lover, so is really sad to discover this. According to the info on that website, type A people can digest a small portion of red meat only and it will cause slow down in metabolism if over eating. No wonder i cant control my weight even though i eat so less only. One more surprised finding is that i shouldn't be eating papaya but in fact i ate it everyday :(
It is also interesting to know that coffee is okay for type A people, this is the good new for me, but i don't intend to drink it everyday as well.
The rules of thumb is - Try to eat a balance diet and dont be too choosy on particular food ~ by doctor Goh :)


**Shih Nyien** said...

No matter what, I still think less meat more plant food is the right diet :D

mk said...

Can try search 吴永志 in youtube,you can see some short video on blood type diet too. I have not gone through those yet.