Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lucky Me

This morning when i start up my laptop, the famous blue screen problem appear, but instead of been sad and scolding the stupid PC, i felt so grateful and happy because i had just spend around 3 hours last night to back up my laptop hardisc...Haha, never felt so lucky before :)
My PC has been behaving unstable and "moody"..sometimes it works as usual but most of the time it hangs and getting slow. I had been thinking to do the backup for quite some time but keep on postpone. I lost the CMS (an automatic backup system) driver and cant re-install it as my DVD ROM has spoilt. But last night my six sense told me that it is the time i must do my backup, else i will regret.
True enough, this is the TIME!...hahaha...the lucky star is shining on me :)

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