Thursday, September 25, 2008

Survival of the fittest..

My husband got a plant from his mum recently. I don't know what is it name in English but in Chinese, it's call "Fu Gui Hua". Did you noticed that it has 4 flowers but has no leaf at all? Amazing isn't it? Only the strongest will survive, this is what was in my mind when i saw it.
Human being is also like that, the strongest will survive even though is under extremely difficult condition like poverty, sickness, disability and so on...Only the one who is positive thinking, motivated, hardworking and never give up will sucess.
Well, you might think that it is easy to say then do. Of course it is not easy but if we can consistently remind ourselves to live better day by day and never give up, I'm sure our dream will come true soon.

p/s: I wish all the critical illness patients will never give up and remember - The strongest one will survive....

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