Saturday, September 20, 2008


I always have this thought of helping people and do charity because i felt happy doing so. However i used tothink that i can only help through joining some society. A friend of mine has inspired me that actually this is not true, if there is a wish there is a will.

Even though i did donated to the china earthquake, subsidized a child through World Vision but i just feel that i can do more. My friend told me that you don't have to look far to help, there is so many mis-fortune people around us that we can help. So i started to observe around and saw a news from the chinese newspaper. It mention that the jubilee old folks home need help as the economic went bad, they receive less donation and this has cause challenges to support their monthly expenses. I had succesfully raise fund few hundred to buy food for them.

And now, i got another mission that is to help my sister-in-law's mother. She was diagnosed of kidney failure and her monthly medical expenses is about RM1.5K. Her 2 sons are earning very less and thus it was a burden to her family. We need to raise fund for her. If you wish to help, you can pass your donation either to me or to the kwang hwa jit poh office directly.